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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Sister Sherry

Sherry, my sister has always been a blessing for me. I was 3 when God gave me a baby sister. I remember running to greet her at my grandparents when she was brought home from the hospital. A little angel, I thought when I looked up in my mom's arms; these big blue eyes peering down at me. Sherry was one of my first influences. We were inseparable. She was tough too. I would knock her down and she'd say, "that didn't hurt." She also caused me a great deal of whippons. I really love her a lot. People would say I acted more like her father than her brother. She's not only beautiful on the outside but inside too. She's funny with a great sense of humor. We may not be perfect, we had our shares of fights, time of trouble, plenty of laugh's, and we could always trust each other through anything. She was something back then a little ballerina and tap dancer. Then she won Little Miss Sweet Potato. I remember being so proud of her when she won. I've been equally as proud of the young lady she's become. She's so smart and has a big loving heart. When she was young she loved for me to take pictures of her. She doesn't like her picture taken as much these days, I was lucky enough to photograph some beautiful pictures of her wedding last year. I love this shot of her too, just captures her natural beauty.


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